S3E13 – The “Glass Cliff” form Women in Business and in Politics

With COVID-19 at the top of all of our minds, it’s been difficult to think about continuing to post podcast subjects unrelated to this pandemic. But thanks to some of our online and podcast gurus, we know sometimes podcasting can be a welcome break from all this pandemic talk. Today, we’re talking about the “glass cliff” for women in business and in politics. Join… Read More


S3E12 – Happy Hour Catch Up with Marcy and Rae

Marcy and Rae are in-person in Chicago and catching up on their goals for 2020, careers and lives. They’re also giving a preview of what’s to come this Spring on Office Baggage.

S3E11 – Money is Freedom to Make Your Own Choices with Kelley Long

Marcy is joined today by guest co-host Kelley Long, a Financial Wellness Coach whose practical, women-focused advice on money will give you a solid set of ideas for managing your money in 2020.

S3E10 – Bringing Your Whole Self to the Equation with Leah Marshall

Our guest today is a self-identified “human dynamics junkie” who is a true expert at integrating multiple facets of her work and personal life into her day-to-day life. From dance to a “side hustle” leading a 7,500 person Facebook discussion group, Leah’s passions extend far beyond her 9 to 5. How can we all strive to bring more of our values, passions and our… Read More


S3E9 – Making “Offline” Connections with Camille Virginia

So much of our connectivity with others today is online – whether in personal interactions or professional. We’re all guilty of not “looking up” from our phones to truly connect with one another in person. Our guest today, Camille Virginia, has built her business around “Offline Dating” and you’re going to want to hear our conversation with her whether you’re single or in a… Read More


S3E8 – The Non-Resolutioner’s Guide to Setting Goals for a New Year

It’s the beginning of a new year and a new decade, and we’re sharing with you our mindset and processes for setting goals entering a new year. Whether you’re setting goals for yourself and your team at work (Rae) or finding new ways to be accountable to yourself (Marcy), we’ll tackle the ways we’re thinking about our goals in 2020, and share our resources… Read More


S3E7 – Settle Smart! Tackling Work Life Integration with Dana Look-Arimoto

The concept of “settling” is a controversial one. We’ve all been told for much of our lives, “don’t settle, get what you want.” But the truth is, we all settle for something every single day. Our guest today, Dana Look-Arimoto wrote the book Stop Settling, Settle Smart: Rethinking Work-Life Balance, Redesign Your Busy Life.


S3E6 – What Are You “Unqualified” For?

We all reach a place in life where we want something we feel we are “unqualified” for. Today, we’re talking about what to do in those difficult situations when you just don’t feel you have what it takes to get through. *Hint* it’s a combination of grit, persistence, and (gulp) vulnerability.


S3E5 – Empowering Women on Both Sides of the Manicure Table

Almost 2.5 years ago, Rae and Marcy interviewed the game changing founders of Ezza Nails, Ale and Kim. They shared with us, in 2017, their goals for their business when they had yet to open their first location. Today, Ale and Kim are about to launch location #3 for Ezza, and have truly lived their mission of empowering women on both sides of the… Read More


S3E4 – The Horror of Executive Job Search

Rae and Marcy are blowing the lid off of the executive job search process in today’s episode. We are sharing our own experiences (good, bad, and ugly) in the job search process post-MBA, and our tips and tricks for those who are searching at executive and all levels of the business ladder. How do you find a recruiter in your field? How do you… Read More