41. Making “Offline” Connections with Camille Virginia

So much of our connectivity with others today is online – whether in personal interactions or professional. We’re all guilty of not “looking up” from our phones to truly connect with one another in person. Our guest today, Camille Virginia, has built her business around “Offline Dating” and you’re going to want to hear our conversation with her whether you’re single or in a relationship. We can all use Camille’s tips and tricks to feel more connected and confident.

Our Guest Today:
Camille Virginia, Founder, Master Offline Dating

Camille Virginia is an award-winning writer, founder of Master Offline Dating, and author of the best-selling book The Offline Dating Method. She helps single women ditch the dating apps and attract great men in the real world.

On her journey to overcome social anxiety, Camille mastered the art of meaningful connection, which led to being asked on dates by hundreds of men – with zero use of technology. She is passionate about helping people create a more fulfilling life across every aspect: friendship, career, family, and romantic.

Camille has taught more than 100 live workshops, been featured in more than 100 international media outlets (including The Atlantic, Cosmopolitan, ELLE, and Thrive Global), and has followers from over 100 different countries.

Connect with Camille:

Join Camille’s free Offline Dating Challenge: 3 Days to a Red-Hot Date in the Real world at www.OfflineDatingChallenge.com

Articles/books/etc. mentioned on today’s podcast:

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  1. So enjoyed your interviews with Leah Marshal and Camille Virginia which fits so well with my passion for relational dialogue and curiosity of self and other. Your style of interviewing itself exemplifies these dynamics. Fun, interesting and real!

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