49. FemmeBought Lets You Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Joining us today are the co-founders of women’s business directory Femmebought. Together, these two powerhouse women have built a community that empowers more women to reach the top and change the game – taking action toward a level playing field for women-owned businesses. Learn how you can “put your money where your mouth is” by buying women-owned.

Having a 6.4% share of the pie is simply not enough.

The Femmebought Founders

Our Guests Today: The Founders of Femmebought

At it’s core: Femmebought is an online directory of women-owned businesses but we are so much more than that. We’re a community that empowers more women to reach the top; a community of smart, driven and passionate advocates who take action towards leveling the playing field. In a world where we’re urged to lean in and take our seats at the table, empowering women to succeed is not a new idea. Our approach is not only to actively support businesses, but to inspire and empower the consumer too. 2017’s Fortune 500 list featured a “record high” of 32 women CEOs, but having a 6.4% share of the pie is simply not enough.

Sophia Ruffolo, Co-Founder and CEO

Meet Sophia, a determined and passionate entrepreneur, lawyer, and advocate. As Co-Founder and CEO of femmebought, Sophia’s on a mission to help women-owned businesses reach the top. femmebought is an online women’s business directory, community, and education hub empowering women around the world to achieve their dreams. 

Stacee Hassenbalg, Co-Founder

Meet Stacee Hasenbalg, a FinTech leader, lawyer, ardent advocate of diversity and inclusion in the workplace, and co-founder at femmebought. Stacee is a relentless champion of women entrepreneurs, founders, C-suite executives and risk takers. She works tirelessly to empower top-performing women to own their success, so they can take risks, get noticed, and create change with confidence.

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