S3E10 – Bringing Your Whole Self to the Equation with Leah Marshall

Our guest today is a self-identified “human dynamics junkie” who is a true expert at integrating multiple facets of her work and personal life into her day-to-day life. From dance to a “side hustle” leading a 7,500 person Facebook discussion group, Leah’s passions extend far beyond her 9 to 5. How can we all strive to bring more of our values, passions and our whole selves to our day-to-day? Listen and learn!

Our Guest Today:
Leah Marshall, Founder, LeapCast

Professionally, Leah Marshall is the Director of Influencer Marketing at the Association of National Advertisers, overseeing all influencer marketing conferences, events, and content creation for the nation’s largest marketing association. Outside of work, she’s a human dynamics junkie who’s authored dating and relationship content for media outlets including YourTango, ManTalks, Mend, Daily Urbanista, and more. She’s also the founder and leader of the Esther Perel Discussion Group on Facebook, a community of over 7,500 members from across the globe who connect regularly to discuss relationships, intimacy, sex, desire, and infidelity.

Connect with Leah:

You can connect with Leah on Instagram at @msleahmarshall, through her YouTube channel, on her blog at https://leapcastlife.wordpress.com/, and in the Esther Perel Discussion Group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/793115204193690/.

Articles/books/etc. mentioned on today’s podcast:

  • Leah also shared during the podcast one of her favorite quotes from Esther Perel. Save it below:

Listen now:

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