16. Saving Energy for What Matters (#kidsarejerks)

As busy professionals, our time with our children is often constrained.  We want to spend the time that we have enjoying our relationship with our children but when a child acts out, we end up using our energy to address behavior issues instead.

Many working parents struggle with the conflict of trying to be an outstanding employee and parent at the same time often finding it difficult to focus on work when there are behavior challenges at home.  In fact, “child behavior” is one of the Top 3 reasons that employees request support from Employee Assistance Programs.

Today on Office Baggage we are joined by James (Jim) Kling, MA. Jim is a behavioral consultant, national speaker and founder of the ‘Fair but Firm’ model of behavior intervention.   Jim provides us with some perspective, strategies and practical tactics to help us get back to the joyous part of parenting.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jim’s business, Alternative Teaching:


Listen now:

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