59. Investing in Talent Sustainability May Just Save Your Business – And Your People

A special crossover with our sister podcast, Table Stakes. As companies around the world cope with the ramifications of a global crisis, it’s more important than ever to ensure our company’s leaders and future leaders feel engaged and supported and have the tools necessary to future-proof your talent and succession strategy. There needs to be a massive shift in how we are training and building successful and sustainable workforces at every level of seniority. Partners Kirsten Ramos, Elevate Performance Solutions and Sophia Ruffolo, femmebought, and Marcy Twete, MT Consulting, are sharing their new program – Upskilling Remotely, Building Talent and Trust for the Future – inspiring companies to invest in managerial trust, preventing “diversity drain” and more.

Our Guests Today:

Sophia Ruffolo, Founder and CEO, femmebought

Meet Sophia, a determined and passionate entrepreneur, lawyer, and advocate. As Co-Founder and CEO of femmebought, Sophia’s on a mission to help women-owned businesses reach the top. femmebought is an online women’s business directory, community, and education hub empowering women around the world to achieve their dreams. 

Since launching femmebought in 2018, Sophia has built relationships with thousands of women worldwide. femmebought has a digital presence in over 3 continents and 10 countries with community hubs in Toronto, Chicago, and Tel Aviv. There are no plans of slowing down!

People love working with Sophia because of her endless energy and drive to help women launch businesses on their terms. Through femmebought, Sophia builds bridges, offering real advice where there are gaps. Through femmebought, she prides herself on connecting you with the resources and network you need to launch and scale your business.

Sophia champions diversity and inclusion, especially for underserved populations. She’s launched Pro Bono programs in two countries. She’s a sought after speaker on risk management, regulation, and growing a business from a side-hustle to full-time. If you’re ready to have a life built for freedom and flexibility, you need to speak to Sophia!

Instead of waiting for someone to hand her a CEO title, she created it. Sophia believes that success isn’t defined by location or job title, but by passion and talent. Join femmebought today to live out this mission with her, and help women reach the top.

Kirsten Ramos, Founder, Elevate Performance Solutions

For over 10 years, Kirsten Ramos has motivated individuals to look within themselves to work more effectively with others. 

Kirsten Ramos has lead learning and development activities for smaller, post start-up organizations to a Fortune 500 company.  Her passion is working with new managers to provide tools for leading others effectively, assisting individuals with presentation skills, and developing and delivery fun and engaging team building.  Kirsten is certified in EverythingDiSC and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Assessment (MBTI) administration, and course delivery.  Kirsten has a Synchronous Learning Delivery certificate from the American Society for Training & Development (ATD) and much experience creating and delivering in-person and virtual learning to meet the demands of the global workforce.

As an engaging facilitator, Kirsten has an easy-going, yet polished, style that clients appreciate.  Many former participants have shared they didn’t want to attend an “all-day session,” but walked away with skills they could implement the next day.


Learn more about the new program Upskilling Remotely here. Contact us for more information!

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