35. Women Are Ready to Run for Something! A Conversation with Cassandra Gaddo

Our first guest on Season 3 of Office Baggage is a dear friend and a true feminist activist we can all learn from, Cassandra Gaddo. In today’s political climate, women running for office is both a hot topic and a lightning rod. We dive deep with Cassandra on topics like “the myth of electability,” and unpack her career transition from the Executive Director of a nonprofit to becoming Director of People & Operations at Run for Something. Cassandra shares her thoughts on interviewing, working from home, diversity, equity, inclusion, and much more.

Our Guest Today:
Cassandra Gaddo,
Director of People & Operations at Run for Something

People and operations professional, helping to empower amazing teams from the inside. Former nonprofit executive, including executive director of Step Up Chicago. Even more former journalist. Alumna of Loyola University Chicago (BA in Journalism) and Northwestern University (Masters of Public Policy and Administration). Driven by the belief that you can’t be what you can’t see. Ask me about feminism, education, or Chicago.

Learn more about Run for Something by visiting their website or connecting with them on social media on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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